Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home School Christmas Party

Well if you know me you know i love parties, so of course we had to throw a Christmas Party and invite over some of our home schooling friends! I had a great time and was so surprised by myself because although i love a party a party with a ton of kids kind of stresses me out because the MESS, but i really just tried to chill out and let the kids relax. i had planned to have the party outside but it has been raining like crazy so we moved it indoors and it worked out good.
My friend Emily brought over gingerbread men she made ahead of time and oh my they were soooo good, she also brought over all the fun stuff to decorate said Gingerbread men. The kids loved this station.

The next station was run by my friend Rachel and the kids had fun putting together star crafts, i love that picture of Kya!

the last station was a gingerbread man/ snowman garland station and i had put this one together the kids just color and then strung there masterpieces on yarn.

this is the one my kids made and we hung them all together i love it (especially that upside down snowman haha)

We ended the day with a book exchange and that was a little crazy but fun. i think everyone had a good time i think it may be a annual event for us now if our friend will come back lol.
one thing i have adjusted a little better to as i have been homeschooling is just chilling out and enjoying the chaos, the likelihood of having 7 moms and 26 kids have a party and everything run exactly as planned is pretty impossible but just going with the flow kind of makes it much easier
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