Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Grove

John and I had one of the best dates a couple of weeks ago. actually we have had some awesome dates in the last few months but lets talk about this one in particular.
OK you all know i love to shop (alone or at least without kids HA!) so John took me down to Los Angeles which is only about 2 hours away and we went to The Grove for a day of shopping. I got to walk in any store i wanted without worrying about little hands breaking (and me buying) several items. I couldn't wait to walk through and touch everything in....
Anthropologie! i love the style of this store, i love all the displays all the cool items but oh my the price tags. I saw a super cute hat but it was $50, for a hat??? i think not!
We walked through several places, did some Christmas shopping had lunch at Cheesecake factory (love CF!!!) just a really great day.

People watching is always in abundance and this guy was interesting, that is a heavy cart i am guessing. LA is so odd because you can be amongst the most expensive stores in the world but then on the corner of the street a ton of homeless people, so sad!

Drove by lots of cool places, I have never been to Pink's but i have seen it on food network a million times, we need to try it sometime
speaking of food network I have seen Sprinkles cupcakes several times on food TV so we were wanting something for dessert so i searched for this place on my phone and found one in Beverly Hills only 15 minutes away. and. oh.DIE. the cupcakes, specifically the peanut butter chocolate were amazing (we didn't love the red velvet, i think i just don't like red velvet. odd i know)
anyway it was a great day with my fabulous husband my very favorite person to hang out with...
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