Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Hi everyone! I am surprised i have participated in something every week for so long usually i intended to then forget, yay me! To read tons of other posts go here.

  1. Giving is easy. I love it. I love to shop and find gifts that i think my family will love i don't find it stressful at all.
  2. Receiving is nice too =) Gifts is my love language so i love to receive gifts even something small is so cool to me. To know that someone was out and saw something that made them think of me amazes me and i am so appreciative of any and all gifts . And i remember everything, i can look at a baby outfit for any of my kids and know who got it for me to this day.
  3. The best gift i have ever received oh man let me think, as a kid probably a cabbage patch doll. As a adult probably my engagement ring
  4. The best gift i ever gave wow i have NO idea, you would have to ask my husband i cant even think. I do remember i had a tradition of buying my mom a broach every year so i gave her all kinds of them one was 3 hearts intertwined, one a snowman, etc. my mom always loved jewelery
  5. Something intangible i wish i could receive rhythm i have none i wish i could dance so bad.
  6. Something intangible i wish i could give would probably be motivation to get out and accomplish all of there goals.
  7. The one gift i always wanted as a child but never received was roller skates, however i did receive them but i fell and hurt my knee and my mom took them back the next time so i received them and then they went away so wrong =)

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  1. I loooove Cabbage Patch dolls when I was a kid! I remember getting one in particular from Santa when I was a kid :)