Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I love this time of year and all it entails.

Along with the Holidays comes lots of traditions here are just a few we do.

We set a basket of Christmas books next to the tree and the kids thumb through them throughout the entire month. They love it and so do we. My friend Jennifer gave me this idea and she buys a special book every year and signs the inside cover with the year and a note to the kids. i love that part and plan on doing that this year these are mainly just books i found at clearance after the holidays =) (BTW my 3 year old took this picture he is becoming a photographer he loves taking pictures)

I asked my kids (and John) a few weeks ago what there favorite traditions of the holidays were and ALL of my big kids said countdown rings.
On the first we brainstormed tons of ideas we thought would be fun to do during the month one thing i have learned in doing these rings is do NOT plan out each day a head of time because the holidays are so busy you do not want to plan going to look at lights in all the neighborhoods in town and it turn out to be the night of your husbands company party so be flexible and plan some easy days too.
Some of the kids favorites that are so easy is turning on the music channel and dancing to Christmas music, making gingerbread houses, baking, looking at lights, pj/movie day etc... We always try to do a few new ideas too this year a couple we came up with are taking cookies to the closest fire station and having a family camp out in the living room.
here are there finished rings
its not too late if you want to do this, you can count down the last 12 days before Christmas that would be fun!
We let the boys string lights in there room and you would have thought we gave them the most exciting gift, they loved this so i am sure it is a new tradition they will continue with (i need to add another strand because the one on top is not working right)
Jake especially loved it and had very specific instructions on the way he wanted his lights strung.
those are just a few of our fun traditions what about you, what do your kids love to do during the holidays.

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  1. i love this friend. this year we bought a advent calender. each day has a box that opens so we have been putting special activites to be done on that day. i have been trying to make them simple and easy like yesterday was getting a chritmas tree. we were going to get one anyway but having them open up the box to read that they were going to do that seemed to make it special to them. i am looking for more crafts to do and even a service project we can do as a family so if you have any ideas post them on your blog..xoxo

  2. I LOVE this idea. What an fun way to celebrate the entire season!