Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

It's that time of the week which means time for Fill in the blank Friday. Wanna play along, check it out here

  1. I wish people were truly happy for one another when good things happen for them. I wish there wasn't such a thing as mom competition. I wish vegetables tasted like cookies, garlic bread and all the other yummy carbs i love.
  2. Yesterday I took my 7 year old shopping at toys r us for a gift for Lilly (the kids draw names and he got her) it took him forever because he kept getting sidetracked . I got my nails done and went to the gym
  3. Today I will take my car to the shop (i hate vehicle problems during the holidays) i will also buy milk at some point, go to the gym, get some supplies for baking and go watch my niece and nephews in there Christmas program
  4. Tomorrow i will hopefully go shopping with John for Christmas (we have done NO shopping yet) but that depends on if we have a sitter
  5. Maybe we will get most of our list done and get to spend some time together.
  6. Someday I want to take my kids on vacation over the holidays, to somewhere that is snowy.
  7. I love when the time changes and it gets dark early. i love to bundle up on a cold day. i love snuggling with my 3 year old as he watches cartoons.


  1. I'm going to that same concert tonight to see my brother! See you there, friend! :o)

  2. I dropped an entire group of friends a few years ago because they didn't know how to happy for me when good things happened. It was so frustrating!