Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve part 1

This year for Christmas Eve our kids were part of the Christmas program at church and they had to perform in all 3 performances. John took them to the church and we all were going to watch them the last service and then do our traditional Christmas activities.

Here is the boys before they left all nice and cleaned up.

Johnathan's outfit cracked me up how he had his collar up and his pants looking like this but he was so cool or so he though.
While they went to Church Jake swiped my camera while he watched TV so lovely that Diego celebrates Christmas and believes in Santa.
We hung out most of the day and headed to church a little later for the 5:30 show.

I should have known by this picture that it would not have went well expecting my 15 month old to sit quietly and happily.....
at first it went OK, isn't her dress adorable my friend Tara made it for her and i love it! she can wear it after the holidays since it is green but it has cowboys riding hoses and it is so pretty!!!
After the show which i only watched about 10 minutes of (that's why there is no pictures) Lilly was just not having it, i tried standing in the back but she wasn't having it. then we went outside but it was freezing so i ended up sitting in the car with her and Jake and watching to story 3.
After the show we went to Johns parents for our normal Christmas eve gathering. We had dinner and then got to open presents.
As you can tell Johnathan loved his Lego's that he got from his cousins and aunt and uncle. this picture totally is Johnathan's personality in a picture i love it!
6 out of the 9 grand kids got pogo sticks and they were SO excited! they all put them on there Christmas lists so it was fin that grandma and papa got them for them and they all opened them at once.

They got some other very fun stuff as did we i got the cutest new purse i am in love with it and i also got a scentsy warmer that is zebra and it is so cute and the melts smell so good! Each kid got a GC to chuck e Cheese and they have already asked when we are going lol, John and i got several fin gift cards and i have already started using them ;)

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