Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

I am going to do a ton of posts that have lots of pictures in the next day or so about our holidays feel free to ignore if it doesn't interest you i just want all of his documented for my memories and my kids in case they ever read it =)

Christmas Eve Eve we thought it would be fun to kick off the holiday festivities. We let the kids draw names and they buy a gift for the sibling they drew, they all have said this is one of there favorite activities of the holidays (i generally take each child separately and let them shop alone they enjoy that one on one time i think ) So we decided we would let the kids pick dinner for the night, open there gifts and just a fun time.

Have i mentioned this little lady is walking a LOT now? yup i know exciting, she is such a big girl and so happy (generally, girl can throw a fit like nobodies business HA!)

A rare occurrence my oldest boy and girl posing sweetly together for the camera so of course i had to take a picture.
We started our evening with a dinner of baked potatoes with a choice of toppings (the kids chose and it was pretty yummy)
Then it was present time
David drew Johnathan and picked this Lego set for him and he loved it, he even gave David a hug lol
Liz drew Jake and got him Lego's too, Jake was freaking out it was the cutest thing ever. Jake was most definitely the most fun to watch this year Christmas through the eyes of a 3 year old is amazing
Johnathan drew Lilly and got her a cute big stuffed elephant and a book
Jake drew David and got him Loopz game
and Lilly drew Liz and got her book 4 and 5 in the harry potter series she she had just read the first 3 the past week

i baked some cookies and made homemade ice cream sandwiches which i put in the deep freezer and they are still there because i kept forgetting at all the holidays events oops

after opening gifts the kids worked on there Lego and the boys spent a couple of hours with there daddy putting this together.
I loved this new thing we tried and i think we may keep doing it this way every year!

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