Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve part 2

After we left grandmas and papas house we headed home. It was later than usual since we had the Christmas program so Lilly crashed on the way home so she went to sleep instead of opening our traditional Christmas Jammies and picture taking =(
But the kids had no problem posing and whooping it up a little longer HA! John and i don't normally participate every year some years i get him him some but not always and sometimes he does the same. this year John got me some and i love them nice and warm long sleeved jammies (because ever since losing weight we both freeze to death lol)

Here are the kids posing after running around the living room

Jake had been planning on giving his binky to Santa to take to other babies who need them.
i realize Jake is 3 but this was so hard for ME.
it was the sweetest thing, he put it right buy the fireplace buy our nativity set and i said say good bye to your fufu (what he calls it) and he said "bye fufu" then he bent down and gave it kisses. i lost it i started bawling. He is so proud to be a big boy and was more excited for the presents Santa would be bringing lol.
I am not sure why it was so emotional for me but Jake and i have this special bond and i want him to stay my little boy (i know not possible but whatever)

Once the kids went to sleep the elves got to work ;) (and yes i know a strand of lights went out but the tree was decorated already so it will wait until next year)
The kids got 4 presents {kind of}
  1. Something you want (something from there wish list)
  2. something you need (clothes, they all needed clothes for winter badly so they got several clothing items and i wrapped them separately then put them in a big box and wrapped the box)
  3. something to create (could be anything to be creative)
  4. something to read

they also got snuggies because they all requested that and it was kind of funny.

once you add the stockings, and the pj's times 5 it is a lot of gifts good thing we love Christmas around here HA! i like to set them up in little piles for each kids that they can sit by. I even put a pile for John on the coffee table.

Santa left this extra special gift with a special note from Santa for leaving his binky

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