Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fill in The Blank Friday

So i know i am a couple of days late but i am joining in anyways for more fill in the blanks Friday go here

  1. Black Friday is hit or miss. sometimes i want a million things other times hardly anything.
  2. Christmas shopping this year will include my hubby and the kids, our parents, nieces and nephews on my husbands side (my family is really big and we decided to pass on gifts and just hangout and enjoy each other), grandparents, and a few others (teachers for awanas, small groups, etc)
  3. Holiday shopping makes me laugh, people are so serious and so much in a hurry what else can i do other than laugh.... well sometimes i get a little annoyed =)
  4. This year my Christmas list will include a new camera(!) , a wedding band, some new clothes (especially comfy around the house clothes since none of mine fit anymore) , gift cards to pier 1, old navy, itunes or world market. i also love Yankee candles, picture frames and anything cute for my house. I am the easiest person to shop for and my hubby spoils me terribly so i really don't need anything....
  5. Bargain hunter or full price shopper the cheaper the items the more i can buy right? i LOVE to find a good deal but i also can be somewhat picky and i would prefer to buy larger ticket items at places like Costco where they don't hound you if you have a issue and need to return anything.
  6. The best and worst thing about shopping i love to shop.... alone, but if i have to shop with the kids it tends to stress me out because they are kids or if i am on a time constraint that is not fun either. the best part is strolling through stores taking my time, looking at and touching everything i want to.
  7. online or in person shopper both! i love the ease of shopping online and knowing if my size is in stock, waiting for my package etc and with our busy schedule it is nice to shop when i have the time (usually late at night) but i also love shopping in person and touching everything and not missing anything.

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