Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday 13

13 things i am truly thankful for this year

  1. A church home that we all really really really love. God is so good i am amazed that he has given us such a awesome gift
  2. my husband and the fact that he has really made a effort to become the man God wants him to be for our family and has embraced his role as the leader of our home in a awesome way
  3. homeschooling- although sometime the days are so long with everyone home all day i know God called us to this this year and it is great
  4. our kids ever since we have begun homeschooling there attitudes towards each other have softened so much and they seem to get along much better *** most days. Liz is a tremendous help and has the sweetest most giving personality. David is tenderhearted and attentive and when he wants to do something he gives 100%. Johnathan can always make you laugh, he can instantly lighten the mood. Jake is truly my hope that even after a tragic loss God ca heal so many wounds in your heart day by day, and he is just a amazing kid. Lilly oh i cant even begin the to share the joy Lilly has brought to the 6 of us.
  5. our home it has the room that we can open up our home on a regular basis to have friends and family over.
  6. Pepsi max- silly but it saves me 140 calories several times a day
  7. the gym- honestly i never thought this would be on my list BUT the gym is a huge stress reliever for me and i love it
  8. my friends and family i have the most amazing group of friends. this has been a really hard year for me and i am so thankful for the encouraging people God has put in my life
  9. Johns job- John LOVES his job, loves going to work and loves the people he works for. He has some great friends there. His job is a blessing and i am so thankful that he works for the men he works for they are amazing men who love the lord and have blessed our family so much.
  10. Internet/email really do i need to explain LOVE being able to connect to people
  11. getting healthy i believe this is the best gift we have ever given our kids and we are so close to our goals god is good and this had to be a priority this past year
  12. our parents- they all love the lord and have our best interests at heart and want to see us succeed and love our kids
  13. my specific friends who have held me accountable this past year in getting healthy and losing weight. i or John would not have been as successful with out your help and encouragement! THANK YOU

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