Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Here is a random rundown of our Thanksgiving in no particular order since blogger wont let me move my pictures around so they are all out of order and i have a school week to plan.

The kids and i went to my sisters for about a hour before our company came over to our house and we took a bunch of pictures. i love my family they are a fun/ crazy group of people. Here is some of the women in the family.

here is a few of the feathers that i filled out and hung in the kitchen of a few of my thankful items

Isn't my sisters table set so pretty? i love it!

Lilly Bean is getting so big (although the girl still has no desire to walk) i love this little shirt i got her at kohls we are all so thankful for her!

John and his buddies from work smoke there turkeys every thanksgiving this was them early in the morning getting ready to put the birds in

monkey bread my kids love it. i only make it on Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas but it is so delicious it deserves its own picture....

my mom and Jakey. Jake is suddenly such a ham and he loves to have his picture taken, he loves his nana so much so this was a easy picture to get him to take....
Hope your Thanksgiving was a beautiful day ours was great

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