Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

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  1. The Most spontaneous thing I've ever done was i am not extremely spontaneous by nature. i love spur of the moment things but as a mom of 5 spontaneity is kind of difficult. As far as my home is concerned i will tackle a big project all of a sudden once i get a idea for my house i am determined to accomplish it.
  2. The best gift i have ever received was i love gifts so this one is tough. Probably my vacuum because i use it all the time, or my laptop. My hubby spoils me so really everything he gives me is great.
  3. A time that i was truly and genuinely surprised was when i found out i was having twins, never in a million years would i have thought we would ever have twins ever so it was pure shock, especially since i had a 4 year old and 6 month old at home HA! In general i do not like surprises at all a surprise party is literally a nightmare to me, and i would be so mad if someone gave me one (REALLY i would i hate them)
  4. i cant leave my house without my phone, my purse and generally a kid ;)
  5. My favorite day of the week is Monday because i love the start of a new week i crave routine and a schedule so Mondays are great! now that my kids go to school on Wednesdays that day is growing more and more on me
  6. Something that can always make me laugh is Jake he is hilarious and quite the personality, most comedians, my husband dancing =)
  7. My perfect day would include sleeping in, shopping, having lunch with a friend browsing a book store, getting a pedicure, dinner and movie with my husband and sitting and talking and people watching at a Starbucks

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