Sunday, September 12, 2010

Real Life

so the blog has taken a back seat lately. real life has been so busy. so i have not had time/energy/creativity to update the blog. i think so often we try to have everything sound so lollipops and rainbows on the blog so here is a glimpse of the real life lately:

  • homeschooling started off a little bumpy, i have a 2ND, 3rd and 7Th grader and i was trying to follow the list the school gave me and i knew the first day i hated it.

  • i did that schedule the first week until i met with my resource teacher and i basically told her i hated homeschooling, and i was ready to enroll my kids in school. so she asked me how i wanted to teach i explained it to her and she was totally encouraging and helped me come up with a plan to be successful at homeschooling

  • and i love it! well kind of. we are still working out some kinks in the curriculum and schedule but it is getting much better.

  • i envisioned starting school at 8 and being done at noon, yay Lilly being 11 months and in to EVERYTHING all the time it is just not working. so we pushed the time back and now start about 10:30 and work until 3 but oh my it is working so much better! Lilly takes a nap about 11:30-3 so it is working great for school time

  • Jake so far has done amazing, he will play computer games, look at books, do his "school work", fall asleep etc and he has kept busy why we are working on school.

  • The school room is working out really well for the most part i like having a place we can leave things unfinished and out of sight after school is done for the day

  • math is interesting i have a at grade level, a little behind, and a little ahead. we are going to be switching up our curriculum for something i think will work a little better.

  • in other news other than school. my boys started awanas, and Liz started small groups. on the opposite sides of town on the same night. so John takes Liz and goes to the gym on that side and i take the boys and go on this side.

  • speaking of the gym that has been interesting to juggle. in the mornings is OK but the kids have a hard time of getting things done while i am gone, and our nights are pretty busy so my routine at the gym has been a little wacky but i am still going!

  • i am going to run a 5k next month so my friend Danielle is helping me get a routine going so i don't have to walk or be carried away by ambulance HA!

  • my boys joined cub scouts and they LOVE it, David said Tuesdays are his favorite day EVER now lol.

  • oh and the kids go to charter school on Wednesdays for enrichment classes which they love. i also love it it gives me the day with just the 2 little ones which i didn't realize i missed a lot. and it gives the big kids a break from ME

  • i joined a new MOPS group at our church and it starts this week. i am really excited also a little nervous to be the new mom again after all these years should be great though good thing i love change =)

  • some days i still yell a LOT more than i should but i have been actually much more calm then i thought i would be with this new adventure

  • i realized i liked my kids a lot more than i knew. i mean i love my kids but i am really enjoying watching them learn and see who they really are if that makes sense

  • my diet has taken the back seat the last few weeks and i must pick my self up NOW and get back on track. i am a stress eater and i have been stressed a lot since we began school and i can not continue on this course anymore so declaring it now back to the grind

  • i crave time away with my friends or alone whatever as long as someone under the age of 18 is not around. i try to be a good friend, emailing or texting, or FB'ing my friends but it is tough to keep up. i know they get it but it is a season right? tell me at some point i will get to have a conversation with a friend with out someone asking me 20 questions right when i get in a conversation???

  • my kids do a lot of chores. more than most kids. but hey we have a big family, a lot of laundry and lots to get done, that's what happens when you are part of this team we all pitch in i can not do it alone.

  • my hubby is the BEST he has been very supportive through this whole new experience. and very encouraging, like the day i called and said i changed my mind and i was enrolling the kids in school. he reminded me this was a new experience and it would take some getting used to he was right. i am so thankful Johnnie is on board with this whole thing i cant imagine having to "prove" to him i wasn't making a bad choice in not sending the kids to regular school, i feel very blessed we both felt God's calling on our family to do this at this time.

  • we have actually had quite a few dates recently, moms there is a huge benefit to have your kids getting bigger THEY CAN BABY SIT! holla! our daughter is a extremely great babysitter so we can go to the gym or to Lowe's or Costco on occasion alone

  • i have had a house cleaner come twice since school started and it has taken a hugeeeeee load off of me. there is still LOTS to clean like the next day but i don't have to mop floors, or clean baseboards, or scrub showers as quickly. i will not feel guilty or less than for that. if you can do it all yay for you but let me tell you i can not, i also can not live in any kind of clutter or mess my family would grow to hate me i surely would be a witch. my house is the one thing that stressed me when i considered homeschooling how do i find time to clean to the standard i want, well i cant and if i need occasional help i wont feel bad....

  • in addition to alll of this stuff i had to start getting iron infusions 3 times a week again. hopefully we can get my levels up to normal but it will take at least 7-8 weeks minimum and then i will probably have to continue long term once or twice a month. i just don't absorb iron at all, so iv is the only way i respond to it. hopefully once i am normal (HAHA!) i will have more energy, i have a lot of energy as it is i just wear out pretty early in the day and have to rest most days. and low iron makes you a little scatterbrained, irritable and restless so hopefully this will all work out well. i have been anemic for about 8 years now so i cant even imagine being a normal level, right now is the best i have been and i still have a long way to go.

  • something interesting about those infusions is i do them at the cancer center and it is very humbling knowing that God is is using these people to show me to slow down and just enjoy the normal moments in the day and enjoy them

  • lastly i love the gym it is like my free time, my time to just focus on getting strong, clearing my mind of all the stuff that fills it, lots of prayer, etc. i started taking yoga which is so great i don't consider it my workout but i love to do it for stretching and the last 2-5 minutes where you just lay in pure quite and clear your mind...

This is what i would like to look like when i do yoga

and i am pretty sure it actually looks like this, oh well got to start somewhere right?!


    1. wow you are really busy! Such is life.
      take care of yourself.