Tuesday, September 21, 2010


have you all noticed there is so much that has to be memorized? i mean my boys started cub scouts and they have to memorize motto's, club promises, laws of the pack, handshakes, salutes etc. then there is Awanas memory verses and lessons even my 3 year old. my 7Th graders is memorizing 2-3 verses a week for her small group. then there is math, schedules, etc etc. all this to say my brain hurts, being the mom and teacher i have to help memorize all this and half the time my brain feels on overload.....

Even though my brain hurts right now. i am really loving homeschooling for the most part. i have one kid who has a lot of trouble concentrating and paying attention so it makes it a little tough but i think if i just say focused and on top of things that child will get it.

The resources available through our charter school are amazing. in the last week i have went to a teacher resource lab and made some really cool charts for the kids, i am going back again tomorrow and the best part it is FREE they have die cut machines, binding machines, computers, curriculum you can photo copy etc i will take some pictures tomorrow and do a whole blog post on it. my teacher also hooked me up with some math u see curriculum i am going to start next week and today i emailed her asking about a microscope and i can pick it up tomorrow! all the library books you can check out for as long as you want which is so cool and they have a huge library. when the kids are there for 2 months the school will start paying a certain amount of the cost of a activity (such as gymnastics, acting, karate, tennis, and lots more) i cant wait for the kids to get to do that. the best part is my resource teacher she really does listen to what i want to do and she helps me get it into action love that!

i have a whole list of home projects i want to do this fall some decorating, some organizing and cleaning but i got to get my time a little better managed that is the hardest part of homeschooling since I AM the teacher i literally have to sit at the table with the kids while they work or my 2 younger ones will not stay focused.

so are you ready for fall? i cant wait for crisp morning and early nights, sweatshirts and jeans ahhh i can picture it already. for us here in California we may have a while before it cools down but hey a girl can dream right. i have so many blog posts rolling around in my head but they are getting crowded with motto's, rules, verses, schedules, calendars etc i will get to them........

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