Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer is Coming

only a couple of weeks until school gets out here and the kids will be home for good (YAY!) well in the kids being home means lots of time in the pool, i really am working hard to get in decent shape where i can hang out by the pool with the kids and not be as worried about how i look as in years past. i have lost 65 pounds thus far and have lots to go so i had a idea.....

i am going to do a week of blog posts on health and fitness. obviously i am no expert so i have asked a few of my friends if they would let me interview them, i am going to ask all the ladies the same list of questions so that we can all see the different avenues to get where we all want to be (which is different for all of us), for me right now it is to be able to shop in a "normal" store and to tone my arms enough to wear a sleeveless (like a tank not literally sleeveless) shirt, yup that is it(for now). all the ladies are mommies and juggle homes, kids, job in some cases, baby weight, ministry, commitments, school, etc etc and still make time to make there health a priority.

So here is where i need your help... anyone have a question you have always wanted to ask another mommy on the topic of health or fitness? i have quite a few already from some friends but i would love to know what you all would ask, thanks!!!!


  1. Will you ask about dieting while breastfeeding? How many calories is needed to maintain a healthy milk supply and still lose weight?

  2. Oh this is going to be fun Raquel! I'm sure you are already asking any questions I would have - when do you exercise, how much/how often, do you follow a certain eating plan, etc.

  3. How do you keep yourself from eating your kids' leftovers after a meal? How do you keep your diet in check when you're super tired and sleep deprived?