Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bloggy Interview Day 1

I am kicking off my week of guests here on the old blog. I am starting with my friend Jen. Jen was my partner in the first 10 week challenge in our biggest loser competition. We have been friends for about 7 years and we have similar personalities (competitive, determined, crazy lol) when we get something in our minds we go for it!! she is a busy mom of 4 and has made her health a priority the last couple of years (look at her photos below, i love before and afters!). Jen encouraged me sooooo much i can never thank her enough she is such a fun person and has a great heart. Here is my "interview" with her

Name: Jennifer
Kids (how many and how old): Justin-16, Jake- 14, Julia- 9, Ava 7.
tell us a little about yourself: I have been married 17 yrs. and blessed to be able to be a sahm. I love reality tv, my friends, spin class, and fun-Fridays with my kids and all the kids in the neighborhood.
have you always been interested in health / fitness: NO-only in the last 2 years.
what is a typical daily routine: Kids off to school, spin class or walk, household chores, errands, pick up kids, homework, dinner routine and bedtime.
how many times a week do you exercise: 3-4 occasionally more!
when do you exercise: mostly mornings, some evenings
what is your favorite workout:spin class
biggest motivation: the way my clothes fit!
do you count calories, carbs, proteins, fat, points, do you follow a certain eating plan etc? why does that work for you: Calorie counting works best for me coupled with low carbs and no sugar...Yes I follow a strict plan when trying to lose weight and when I am not I tend to not do as good with my choices.
what do you do when you really want to eat chocolate or ice cream or (insert favorite food): I substitute a better choice like sugar free pudding or fiber one cereal or fruit and sometimes even exercise...when that doesn't curb it I have a square of dark chocolate!
do you restrict what your kids eat?, or how much they eat:I don't restrict but I give them healthier choices ie: fruit, yogurt, cheese, popcorn!
How do you keep yourself from eating your kids' leftovers after a meal: HMMMM- good question...I get out of the kitchen asap (my kids do the dishes) and focus on other things...plus if I ate my plate I am usually satisfied! I am not a big meal girl, snackin is my game....
How do you keep your diet in check when you're super tired and sleep deprived: pre-planning my meals and menu's...also getting to the grocery more often so that I am on top of the preparation and have healthy snacks!do you stop eating at a certain time of night: depends...I try not to eat after dinner- 6 0'clock, but if I spin I might have an evening snack like fiber one cereal, fruit, or sugar free pudding!
what time of day is your most vulnerable? what strategies do you use to counteract that:3-5 pm by far is my worst time of the day...I try to plan a snack @ about 3 and keep busy...I do laundry, cleaning, or homework with my kids...
hormones, how big of a role in your weight (loss):Huge, like clockwork every month I gain 2 lbs just before and during my cycle, and 1 lb. during ovulation...ugggg, I hate it! Plus I am waaaaay more hungry and boy that dark chocolate is my sanity!!!!!
your biggest tip to a mom just starting out in trying to get in shape:
1. set a small goal these are much easier to accomplish...
2.be organized and pre-plan so you don't self sabotage because your starving and not prepared.
3. Exercise a minimum of 3x a week...food is the majority of it but exercise helps to speed it up and change your poor lifestyle habits and metabolism.
4. slow and steady wins the race...1 bad decision doesn't ruin a whole diet! Get up, brush yourself off and get back on the horse!
biggest tip to a mom trying to lose weight: Do it for yourself not anyone else! Post a picture of yourself on your bathroom mirror with an encouraging verse or a saying and find an accountability buddy or better yet your hubby to do it with...
what is your biggest temptation when it comes to food? Chocolate, Ice-cream is probably the top but really anything...
who is on your ipod? Bon Jovi, and christian-but my kids have taken over it so I guess I don't really even use one!

any final thoughts for all those mommies out there. or for me =): You have the power to change your life in the most amazing ways, ways you don't even realize matter to you...I recently lost 55 pounds and my life and my health are outrageously different than they used to be. I love to exercise and do things that I never did before...shopping is no longer a chore but is fun! I can tie my shoes and paint my toe nails without holding my breath! Walking a flight of stairs doesn't take my breath away! I have broken free of my limitations that I had placed on myself and accomplished something I didn't think was possible!!! You can too....Yes it takes HARD work and yes a lot of sweat, but you are worth it and your family is worth it!!!!!! Make yourself a PRIORITY, Go Girls....

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  1. Love this interview Raquel. Way to go Jen!

  2. LOVE this! So so motivating to hear what works for others!