Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quick and Yummy Beef Fajitas

super easy and terrific fajitas!!!
  1. slice up some onion, and bell pepper i always put mushrooms and jalapeno too but that is optional
  2. heat a pan with a little oil and add the veggies (not the mushrooms), cook for just a few minutes until still crisp but just start softening up
  3. take the veggies out and put them in a bowl to the side
  4. take the meat that you have already seasoned up when you sliced it into strips and also squeeze some lemon on there too
  5. add it to the pan and cook until no longer pink usually just a few minutes. once that looks good add the mushrooms
  6. add veggies back in, at this point i like to add a few large chunks of fresh tomato i put the lid on and work on everything else. put on low at this point
  7. warm up some tortillas and then add the mixture top with some sour cream, cheese, lettuce, more fresh tomatoes etc whatever you like SO yummy!!!

*** needed to add i haven't ate a fajita this way in quite a while i now eat them on corn tortillas and not loaded with all the extras but still SO good!

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  1. Ah so simple and I bet so yummy. I totally needed to know this. My last rendition of beef fajitas sucked. I look forward to dazzling the fam with these next time. Thanks for sharing!!!