Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bucket Lists

some friends and i have been talking about bucket lists lately so i thought i would start writing one. does anyone else have a list of things you hope to accomplish, anything far fetched thing you have always dreamed of?? here is my list thus far i hope to knock some of these out and continue adding to it:

  1. go to Fiji with Johnnie
  2. go to NY see several Broadway shows
  3. go on a cruise to Alaska with Johnnie
  4. take Liz to Hawaii
  5. take my kids somewhere awesome like the Bahamas, Jamaica etc
  6. Go to Spain where my dads family is from (maybe research them and contact his kids before i go?)
  7. get to my goal weight /size
  8. run a marathon
  9. do a mini triathlon
  10. die my hair red
  11. wear red lipstick daily
  12. climb a mountain
  13. buy the perfect pair of jeans
  14. sky dive or para glide
  15. start a business
  16. learn photography
  17. play on a high limit table in Vegas
  18. walk the red carpet
  19. sock someone in the face who deserves it
  20. talk in front of thousands of people
  21. meet Oprah
  22. meet the president (maybe not the current one particularly but one at some point)
  23. make a difference to somebody not in my family (because i hope i already make a difference to them)
  24. go to a concert- a good one! in a BIG arena
  25. redo my whole house how i want it
  26. i wanna be a billionaire............. roflol
  27. plan a vacation for a week but just get in the car and go no planning
  28. fly first class
  29. play volleyball and have a great block again
  30. go on a spa weekend with my girlfriends
  31. see my kids do what they want to do when they get big
  32. be a good grandma
  33. take my kids and grand kids to do things we never did
  34. be active as i age
  35. get dressed up for something fun
  36. go to culinary school!!!!
  37. live in another place other than Bakersfield for at least a year

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