Monday, May 31, 2010

Bloggy Interview # 4 ME

SO i had a bunch of people tell me they wanted to hear my answers to all the questions so i will do it today and end of with a bang (the two coming up are amazing and a huge piece of my success so far)

Kids (how many and how old):Liz 12, David 7, Johnathan 6, Jake 2, Lilly 8 months
tell us a little about yourself: I am a SAHM mom of 5. i have a amazing husband. i have a son Matthew in Heaven. I love helping mom's. i am somewhat of a homebody. i love target and old navy. i am going to home school my kids next year. i am the baby of 5 kids.
have you always been interested in health / fitness:well i have always loved participating in sports, and i liked the idea of being healthy and active but i haven't been that way in a long time!
what is a typical daily routine: up around 7 kids up and ready for school, off to school at 8:00 then go to the gym usually workout from 8:30-10 then come home do chores, play with little ones etc. lunch then nap time while the kids sleep i do whatever needs to be done around here, also email, read blogs etc sometimes i even take a nap. kids up hangout pick up the kids at school at 3:15 home homework, dinner going etc. our night time routine generally is swim practice, house stuff, watch TV, i try to go to the gym a couple of times a week in the evening also. bedtimes for kids usually John goes to sleep early to and i stay up late so i will either watch TV, clean, work on something around here, read email etc.... i go to bed on average about midnight
when do you exercise: generally at 8:30 once the big kids are in school but then i go to spin at least once in the evenings during the week and occasionally go in the evening if i haven't got my stuff done for the day
how many times a week do you exercise: well right now i am in a competition and trying to win so at least 7 (usually 4- 5 days but i do double some days) i do 4 days of weights (which i love!), 3-4 spin classes and weeks like this week i am also walking on the treadmill for a hour several times a week
what is your favorite workout: SPIN i am addicted i love it, but i am really start to love weights too i feel really strong when i do them
biggest motivation: well my motivation to keep going is wearing smaller clothes, looking good for my husband, and being around to see my kids grow up. BUT my motivation while in the gym is music it has got to be good and loud!
do you count calories, carbs, proteins, fat, points etc? why does that work for you: i log allllllll my food by using the, once i put my food in it shows me a breakdown of fat, protein, carbs etc. i am on a very low carb diet right now and my food is pretty boring so i haven't had to write anything out the last week or so since i am eating like 4 different foods lol
what do you do when you really want to eat chocolate or ice cream or (insert favorite food): i love cheese like really love cheese Kelley let me have a little cheese this challenge so it did satisfy me a bit. again at this point my food is really restricted still so i don't get a lot of stuff but i can have a soft serve from mcd's or a skinny cow on most weekends. i am not good at moderation so it is better for me not to have these things at all.....
do you restrict what your kids eat?, or how much they eat: not really, i try to buy better choice's now but i still get them things they love just not in mass quantities. i don't want to pass on my insecurities about weight and food so i don't freak out over it, and if we are at a party or family event i have a unspoken rule they can eat what they want (i don't tell them this). my kids are really active and my 3 oldest swim on competitive swim teams so i don't have to restrict calories or anything like that but i try to incorporate a wide variety of fresh foods, and lower calorie more filling foods (popcorn, pretzels, string cheese, etc). another thing i have been doing to curb the sweets in the house is i will go buy them a treat like a $0.99 cone at McDonald's instead of keeping ice cream in the house. another thing is my kids are really good eaters, we don't eat hardly anything packaged, canned or frozen (other than vegetables) so i know what they are taking in so letting them have chips or ice cream on occasion i don't worry about.
How do you keep yourself from eating your kids' leftovers after a meal: gross i do not eat off my kids plates never have, i don't even drink after them usually
How do you keep your diet in check when you're super tired and sleep deprived: i don't require much sleep so if i am super tired i take a nap. my kids generally sleep AMAZING my baby sleeps 12 hours or longer most nights
do you stop eating at a certain time of night: nope that is a big thing Kelley has taught me you want those muscles working all night. i just eat very different at night then i used to usually something protein based (i sued to eat chips, crackers and cheese, dinner AGAIN since i usually don't like a big dinner once i cooked etc..)
what time of day is your most vulnerable? what strategies do you use to counteract that: night time! i generally stay up 6-8 hours AFTER dinner so of course i am hungry again i just have to chose different things now. also that time before dinner after the kids get home is tough because i am usually feeding them some sort of snack. i try to drink a glass of water or eating something allowable
hormones, how big of a role in your weight (loss)?: i don't think they play much of a role for me per say the hard part is i am so exhausted during that time and don't like to go too far from home so it is hard to spend a lot of time in the gym especially that first and second day BUT since i have started eating well and working out this has severely helped this issue a TON!
your biggest tip to a mom just starting out in trying to get in shape: do something, just get moving. who cares what people think i remember when i started this i would take my kids for a walk and i would just start running i didn't care if i was 100 pounds overweight i need to lose weight. i walked a LOT then before i joined the gym and honestly i lost a lot then too. you do not have to get a gym membership just do something you enjoy. my sil loves cardio workouts on DVD and those work so well for her, and her kids can do it and she doesn't have to leave the house, pay a gym membership and she can dance away in the comfort of her own home on her own time.
biggest tip to a mom trying to lose weight: WRITE YOUR FOOD DOWN! EVERY SINGLE BITE!
what is your biggest temptation when it comes to food? cheese, cookies, DONUTS, crusty sourdough bread, tortillas, postdates basically CARBS
who is on your ipod? sooo much good stuff. i can not workout to christian music it is not fast enough and makes me want to slow down sooo i like to listen to rap and hip hop like i really love music right now, it motivates me and helps the time to fly by a few examples are:Timbaland, Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Black Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus (i know i just lost you right?? lol Party in the U.S.A. just reminds me of summer!), Usher

any final thoughts for all those mommies out there. or for me =): Your kids deserve a healthy mom. you can do this if you want to, you just have to want to. find what works for you, some people would think what i am doing is way to extreme for them maybe it is for some so find what you can do and do it. start NOW not tomorrow and stop with the excuses already....

reward your self! just like when you gain weight and have to move up in a clothes size, when you lose weight buy some clothes you love! when i lost 25 pounds i rewarded all those miles of walking with a pedicure, now i try to buy a few things as my sizes go down not too many because i want to be out of the size i am in soon too, but a few basics you feel good in and are not too huge, stop wearing those big clothes it just adds more bulk to your body!

Raquel keep doing what you are doing do NOT quit this time you can get to your goal you are strong!

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