Friday, May 28, 2010

huge goal!

so i have been trying to talk on the blog about my "diet" very often because i generally haven't been successful with dieting, or should i say i have a hard time being committed to a diet as soon as the results for the week were not what i wanted i quit! BUT i think i finally am at the point where i am comfortable talking about it.

i have always been overweight, in 2000 i had gastric bypass (do not do it!!!) and loss a huge (150) amount of weight in 9 months, then i got pregnant then when that baby was 5 months i got pregnant with twins, then Matthew died, life was hectic and the weight came creeping back on.

This January when i started this new journey i had gained 74 of that 150 pounds back, it had been 10 years, i am now 30 and i could not continue on the road. So i enlisted some help my friend Jen who i interviewed earlier this week and my friend Kelley (who helped Jen tremendously too) who you will see her interview later this week (she is freaking amazing!). anyhow it has now been 20 weeks since i began and i have had 2 bad weeks (1 REALLY bad week) and today TODAY i finally can say i have lost all 74 pounds i gained back plus one more! yay 75 pounds!!!!! 75 was such a huuuuuuuge milestone for me to reach because it meant i could really do it if i worked hard and believe it has been hard at times but the outcome is so great.

i still have a long way to go at least 50 more pounds but i feel i can do it, it will probably take a good long while BUT i will do it.

i am doing the interview later this week but i wanted to share today because this is such a great day for me.

if you are struggling with your weight believe me you can do this, if i can do this so can you!

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  1. You are such an inspiration and you look freaking gorgeous! Johnny must be drooling. :) Love you friend! You have the mind of a warrior and when you make it up, anything can get accomplished. You are blessing yourself and your kids with this commitment and I am so motivated to do the same once this enormous bowling ball (more like giant pumpkin) is out of my tummy! :)

  2. That is wonderful! I just started my journey about a month ago. It's been hit and miss because after a bad week, like you, I want to quit! I have 75 pounds to lose.... It seems too big, but I know I can do it if I get my mind in the right place.

    Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks

  3. I love the B&A pics! You look amaaaaaazing!

  4. You are doing so well Raquel! I didn't know your past woes with weight. That was interesting to read. Thank you for sharing. I really meant to tell you at T's shower that you were looking great. Sorry I didn't. I will now:

    "You look great!!!!"

  5. I came across your blog after I did a google search for homemade salsa....then I read on until I saw this post! And I just wanted to say Congrats to you on such a great goal of losing 75 lbs. I love being healthy and exercising as well, so I can definitely appreciate your hard work! Just wanted to tell you COngrats, Nice job, and Keep it up!!!!! -Paige Price