Sunday, April 11, 2010

Questions Answered Part 2

OK lets just get into this.
Rachel asked about my cleaning schedule as did my friend Tara and Jennifer so i guess i will touch on that. i did list my schedule here but it has changed a bit so i will re post my newer one. also this post has a lot of my cleaning tips and the way i do things. so here is a typical day/ week in our house if things go as planned:

7:00 wake up, get dressed for gym, start laundry, get Lilly ready for day etc.... my daughter Liz makes lunches most days
7:30 if the morning is going well while the kids get ready and eat breakfast i will make my bed fold some laundry etc but usually it is just getting everyone out the door
8:00 TRY to leave for school, as long as everyone is in the car with shoes and stuff
8:15 kids and school head to gym
8:30-10:30 gym- Tuesdays i take spin in the morning and the other days i do my own thing and i tan i know i know i love it though and i have it free on my membership
10:30 head home and get Lilly fed and ready for a nap. eat breakfast if i haven't (most days i eat before i leave, i am making myself get in a breakfast habit), get Jake a snack switch laundry, play with Lilly and Jake etc etc...
11:15-11:30 lay Lilly down for nap she will sleep for a good 3-3.5 hours. i take a shower while Jake watches Dora or Max and Ruby etc
Noon lunch and then some days Jake takes a nap but maybe only like 2-3 days a week if he doesn't we will sit in the living room and have quiet time he will play or watch TV while i catch up on email, blogs (i am in the living room too) etc.
1:00 work on whatever i need to do around here until it is time to get kids
3:00 leave to get kids
3:30 get home have kids do chores, i start dinner, clean up, homework etc....
4:0oish John gets home
4:20 John and 3 older leave for swim they swim from 4:30-6:30, while they are gone we play Lilly doses off for a half hour or so, i lad dishwasher, clean kitchen, read get online, play with Jake whatever i want really
6:45 dinner (this is so late for us but now with swim it work so we can all eat together)
7:00 hang out do whatever really. kids take showers and get ready for the next day
7:30 Jake to sleep
8:00 boys to sleep
8:30 Liz to sleep
Lilly goes to sleep about 8:30 right now since she is falling asleep in the late afternoon this will start getting earlier once she is not doing that but it is not too bad.
John and i hang out from 7:30- whenever he gos to sleep then i try to get some stuff done. i clean the kitchen, fold clothes, do some deep cleaning usually. then i sit down and watch TV and catch up online. i always have my quiet time at night i am not a big morning person
i usually am up until about 1 am right now but that differs on how tired (or not tired) i am.

in a typical week i like to:
Mondays- if there is not mops i just catch up from the weekend, make calls, paperwork etc...
Tuesday- i try to focus on laundry i do laundry everyday but i like to do bedding and bigger stuff Tuesdays
Wednesday- projects usually go well on this day because there isn't usually much going on
Thursday- deep cleaning day
Friday- errands, grocery shop, etc
Saturday- family stuff, everyone pitches in to clean, John and boys do yard work etc
Sunday- church and whatever we want this day

i feel i am forgetting things?? i think i am just so used to my routine i don't realize it

and lastly my friend Amanda asked "tell me why you love being a mom and how you have a 12 yr. old all the way down to a baby. Most people I know who have a 12 yr old, don't even want to think about having another baby." she also asked "................ I look at people like you, whose oldest is 12 and youngest is a baby and wonder how you do it. How do you embrace this? What are your thoughts on children and raising them w/out losing your mind? Thanks. "

this was the response i gave Amanda

"Hey Amanda, who said i don't lose it lol. i do that often. j/k kind of... i think when my son Matthew died i realized there wasn't any time guaranteed so i have kind of embraced it, i am a all or nothing kind of personality so i am sure that helps. but really i am at my limit as a mom DAILY i just have to remember to take time to stop breathe and get before the Lord daily, when i don't i pay for it {because the days can go bad quickly}. honestly i love the baby age it is my favorite BUT i am not a fan of ages oh 2-4 those years are hard we are CONSTANTLY parenting and disciplining just know if we stick with it that it will pay off. my kids are finally at a age where i don't have to be on them 24/7 and are a lot of fun (most of the time HAHA)enjoy being a mom it is the best job and God will equip us with what we need he says it i believe it =)"

elaborating on that a bit i get overwhelmed A LOT having a messy house stresses me, whining kids stresses me a combination of the two sends me over the edge HA! so i have to set my days up so i am not stressed if that means staying up REALLY late so that i can enjoy time with the little ones it is worth it to me. i don't want my kids to grow up and look back at a stressed mom all the time so i am TRYING to be more conscious of that and honestly sometimes i need to just chill out a bit. i just try to give a 100% most of the time....

and lastly i love being a mom because i think that is what i was meant to do. being a mom is something growing up i never knew i wanted to be and now that i am i cant imagine my life any different. i more than anything love walking through this season with Johnnie and seeing these kids grow up to be really cool kids, they are loving, sweet, respectful, kind kids (most of the time haha!!) i am honestly really even enjoying my almost 3 year old at the moment he is so funny, sweet, curious, etc..... my kids are amazing to me. i LOVE LOVE LOVE helping other moms see there potential and to see what a important job we have and that it can be fun too.... I really do love my life!

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  1. I'll just sum it up for us all...YOU ARE AMAZING!! Love you!