Saturday, April 10, 2010

Questions Answered

Well most of the questions you all had were regarding the same things so i will answer a few today and the rest tomorrow because some wanted to know a specific schedule to the day. i will answer in one long paragraph for each questions so beware HA!

My friend Marcee asked "how do you find the energy to do all your projects, be a mommy,mops, and blog??? you rock sister. oh i have another one, where is your cooking blog? "

thanks for the compliment Marcee but i far from rock i just require very little sleep HA! I have never been much of a sleeper and i usually function fine on about 5 hours. i also do things fast, no time for lolly gagging just get to work kwim? another thing i have to decide what is important for each day some days blogging is not done (like lately because i have been busy cleaning). MOPS isn't hard work too often because i love it so it is fun plus i have awesome leaders who do a lot of work also so it makes my job "easy". finally my cooking blog is on hiatus lol, i cant barely keep up with putting posts here so it is really tough for me to do it there. i have about 100 sets of pictures of food that i have made though that is ready to be blogged when i get some time some day.

Forryfive a new to me blog that i just love because she is a mommy to 5 kiddos to, it is nice to know other family exists and are alive to blog about it HA!!!!! anyhow she asks "Where do you find the time to clean? I am amazed and inspired by your cleaning and it looks like your house stays clean!"

Well please don't stop by at this moment because it is anything but cleaned, my kids are actually all stuck in there rooms cleaning right now because they are thrashed. i am sitting in my room blogging while the baby naps because i am avoiding the mess in the other rooms of the house. avoiding the mess often helps NOT. Like i said in my previous answer i don't sleep a lot i like to clean at night when everyone goes to bed which is why it is so important to develop a early bed time (well many reasons but that is one) so i can get some alone time to clean and do what i want and actually enjoy sitting down in a nice clean space for more than 5 minutes. usually when everyone wakes up in the morning and i get back from dropping off kids there is more mess to clean. My house does stay fairly clean, honestly it is because i don't deal with mess well, it stresses me out and i cant relax if there is mess everywhere so i just do it and make everyone pitch in to help so that we can all enjoy some down time. i am not afraid to ask for help either, and i am not opposed to paying for some help if i have a little extra cash i have paid professional people to come clean, as well as my kids to get big projects done or i will pay Liz to watch the little ones so i can get a big project done.

My very good friend in real life Tara (who made Lilly's Easter dress in the picture above) asked about my schedule which i will hit on tonight or tomorrow but also asked "how you stay so motivated to keep it up! Your home is always welcoming and beautiful"

Thank you Tara although that is funny you say that because i do feel i am fairly welcoming i am like most moms and when i see my home i see the little messes, repairs that need to be done, and the stained carpet (and the carpet is only 2 years old UGH!) but i have to remember my friends love me for me not because i stay up late to clean or hound my kids to do chores kwim? i stay motivated because if i don't it turns in to more work. we can pretty much get the house pretty darn clean in a good 30 minutes, an hour if we need to scrub bathrooms and clean the kitchen top to bottom but as my kids get bigger and pitch in more it is a team effort, even my hubby John helps out around the house and gets into cleaning much more than he used to, it is a TEAM effort sure i do the spring cleaning/ organizing / deep cleaning but we all help out on a day to day basis. and on a little side note those of you with little ones teach them to clean up after themselves! believe me when i say the house does not get cleaner as they get older so get control of the mess now the messes get bigger because you don't contain the kids to one space like when they are babies and toddlers, my house gets thrashed so much quicker now with the kids bigger the only difference is now they help clean it up for the most part. and teach them to do things right not just hurry up and shove everything in a pile because you will end up with bedrooms full of piles .

OK more tomorrow i like doing these posts anyone have anymore questions?

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