Friday, March 5, 2010

A typical day

today on Kelly's Korner she asked her readers to post on what a Typical day would be like in your house. our days vary a little but i really like routine (routine is good with a family of 7 HA!) so the structure stays the same even though we may do something different on different days of the week. i stop several times throughout the day and check email, read blogs etc.... if i have errands to run it is usually right after i drop off the 3 big kids at school since i am out already, i am almost always home for noon naptime because my baby needs nap time, so does Jake some days!!! usually this is how it goes:
  • 7 a.m. wake up get ready for day (try to have them do chores and eat before we go)
  • 7:20-7:45 wake Lilly up and get her dressed
  • 8 a.m. take 3 big kids to school come back home (except MOPS days)
  • 8:30 Jake watches cartoons while i make him and i breakfast, straighten up switch laundry etc...
  • 9:00 play with Lilly and Jake
  • 9:30 Lilly lays down for nap, Jake plays i clean house depending on what needs to be done that day until Lilly gets up usually about a hour and a half later...
  • 10:30 Lilly up projects/ work on my list for the week etc...
  • 11:45 lunch, lay Jake down sometimes Lilly lays down for nap at noon and sleeps until about 3 when i wake her up to get the kids. while they sleep i clean (i clean a lot) do laundry, mops calls/ emails, etc etc
  • 3:00 pick up kids from school home they do any chores they didn't finish in the morning. or home work play outside etc laundry
  • 4:00 i usually start dinner (unless it was something i cooked all day) clean up kitchen AGAIN
  • 5:00 we eat dinner
  • 5:30 time for swim team, so John usually takes Liz and leaves her and comes home (we carpool) boys play or watch TV depends.... i clean up
  • 7:00 start wrapping up night baths/ bed time routine etc...
  • 7:30 Johnathan and Jake go to sleep
  • 8:00 David goes to sleep, Lilly also goes to sleep
  • 8:30 Liz home from swim and takes shower etc, she goes to bed around 9
  • 8:30 (or earlier) Johnnie goes to bed
  • 9:00 i go to the gym until 10:30 or so (when Lilly turns 6 months old this month i will go first thing in the morning since she can go in the child care then, i cant wait!!!), come home clean up for next day switch laundry
  • 11:30 get in bed watch TV, read emails etc
  • i usually go to bed between 12-1 now that i workout i used to stay up until like 2!!!

so that is my days for the most part. other than Thursday when i go to spin at 7 at night i don't go out often during the week (or weekends) i like to be home for the most part with John and the kids i go to the gym after they are all asleep.......

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  1. First of all, your family is beautiful! And I've found that when I did work out I was always more productive at night too. It just relaxed me and I loved it. Now that I work I have to up by 4:30 so late night work outs no longer exist! HAHA! But I did buy Your Shape and I try to do at 15 -30 mins on that a day. Jenny McCarthy will work you out! Have a great weekend! -April