Friday, March 5, 2010

Christmas Card

This was our Christmas Card picture. this year a friend of mine told me about a local photographer who does a really good job! I loved working with Jessica, we met on a cool Sunday morning and took some pictures in the downtown area of our city and it was so fun. she really captured the personality if our family. Lilly was a little grump getting over a cold (surprise surprise!) so there weren't very many pictures of her but some really good ones of the kids.

When i saw this picture i LOVED it, i had originally told Jessica i wanted a picture on some steps like this and we were walking down alleys and saw these. the really cool thing and something lots of people asked me about was the fact that were a open spot between Jake and Johnathan and wanted to know if it was purposeful. Jessica knew nothing about our personal lives, she didn't know that we had lost a son and that he probably would have stood in that exact spot. Johnathan's twin brother..... i assume they would have been nothing alike but the best of friends. oh how i miss that baby still, he was 10 weeks old when he died 6 years ago but i know everything about that boy, i remember it all so well, how he liked to sleep at night, how he liked me to sing to him, he was so calm and mellow anyhow Jessica didn't know any of this but still she caught it all on film. something was/is still missing from our family we are good obviously but our Matthew is missing and when something like that happens in your family, to one of your kids you always wonder why and then you see a picture like this beautiful one to remind you he is still part of us even though he is with our father in heaven he is still part of everything we do as a family!!! i don't believe in coincidence our God is awesome and knew that picture would be so special to me.....

thanks Jessica for catching the perfect picture, one i am sure you didn't even realize was going to be so important but it was and i love everything about it

* Jessica also took the pics in my header, make sure you check her awesome blog out!!!

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  1. That is so neat Raquel! What a beautiful photo and what a neat God!

  2. Raquel, wow...thank you for letting me into your family's life and I'm so thankful that God works through my lens and captured that special moment for you! Another beautiful reason why I love my job so much!
    -Jessica Frey

  3. Wow...your Christmas card looks awesome. The header image of your blog looks awesome. Keep up the good work.