Thursday, March 4, 2010


i think my mantra in life right now is it is only a season. being a mom to 5 kids things are always going on around here and plans change often. i have heard and said that when our kids our young it feels like sometimes the days are so long but the years are so short. i saw a woman at church last week who i really look up to and she asked where my hubby was and i said we have to take turns going to church since someone is always sick on Sunday, and she said "oh i so remember those days, just remember it is only a season spring is coming sis!:

ok i live in California we have a super mild winter compared to a lot of places but let me just say i am ready for spring. My kids have been sick more this year than any other years combined and i am tired of it. I think it started when Lilly was born and David caught a flu bug the first week and has just continued since then, every week someone has been sick with some thing. i am thankful it is nothing major and i know so many are dealing with so much more but this momma needs a break from sickness. my 2 youngest boys were sick and went to the Doctor Monday $180 later for that visit and Lilly had to go today, she has a list of things RSV, bronchitis, ear and eye infections, fever blah blah blah. She cried almost all day yesterday if she was up she was crying poor girl.

anyway all that to say i am ready for the season to switch so i can open up the windows, send the kids out to play(on our new to us swing set we are getting this weekend i hope!!!) and not hoping that they don't get sick etc. before you know it, we will be swimming in the pool!!! i hate the summer usually but this year i am actually looking forward to it (remind me of that when it is 115 degrees here ok) .

Lilly got 2 big ol shots of antibiotics so i am hoping she starts feeling better ASAP she is asleep now and Jake and i are laying in my bed under the covers he is watching team umizoomi any one watch that show? i love it! i am finally updating this blog sorry for the inconsistent posts lately.

i should have a little more time for blogging now because i un-subscribed to a group i was a part of online. this was the hardest thing i have done in a long time. the ladies in this group are amazing Christian women who have taught me so much in the last 4 years choosing to leave the group was not easy. i argued with the Lord about it for months but God kept saying it was time i have 5 kids and a really full life and i just wasn't balancing the computer time and my home life well lately, something had to give. I hope God allows me to go back at some point but for now it is a good thing for my life, even though it is SO extremely hard. Funny how God allows us things sometimes for just a season huh? even great things sometimes have to come to a end, but as a couple of those ladies told me God ALWAYS honors obedience, and even though it is hard (can you tell this is hard i have said this a hundred times lol) i know that it will be a good thing for me. i miss my rubies today and have shed many many tears but the friendships i formed do not have to end.

So spring is coming a new season ahh i love it! a new season of being a mom is coming i am preparing my mind and heart more and more to get ready to homeschool.

"All these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you. because you obey the voice of the Lord your God" Deuteronomy 28:2

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  1. We miss you too! But I love that we can still keep up with each other through other venues!