Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

things i am thinking of this morning.....
  • glad Lilly is feeling better!
  • i am so excited Johnnie is picking up our "new" to us swing set/ play thingamajig today
  • homeschooling, it is getting close and i have no idea where i want to start with curriculum i keep going back and forth
  • my house is a mess i need to get out of my warm bed and start cleaning
  • summer clothes- all the kids need them
  • 2 weeks from today i will be in Vegas yay!!!
  • i cant believe i am still on a diet i have never stuck to a diet this long
  • why cant my 3 big kids just get along for a few hours on a Saturday morning, why is that so difficult!
  • i need to figure out some new chicken recipes

any ideas on any of that?

i am going to finally post some pictures this weekend of a few little house projects i am doing....


  1. Last week I posted one of our favorite, easy chicken recipes. Maybe your family would like it?

  2. are you using valley oaks? we had our orientation last week... we will be starting this fall..

  3. I am slowing reading through some of your blog! I love it! Finally another mom to five!!