Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Weekend

this past Friday night i cleaned my fridge. i know stop the presses i lead a exciting life. it actually was moms night out for our mops group and i missed so that John could take the big kids to the hockey game where there school was singing God Bless America, i stayed home because Jake and Lilly were under the weather (AGAIN!!!) it was my first time missing a MNO in the 6 years i have been in my mops group!
Saturday i watched Lilly play which was hilarious because she likes to scream at her toys now...
We went to Costco (all 7 of us) have i ever mentioned the interesting looks we get from people when we all go out, and i don't even consider our family all that big, i think it is that we are LOUD

at Costco Johnnie bought me my Valentines/anniversary gift. i have wanted a new food processor since mine is actually a tiny 3 cup one that attaches to the blender and my salsa takes up more room than that. Thank Johnnie... yes we are so practical i know but whatever. We are actually going away next month to Vegas our favorite spot for a belated anniversary trip i CAN NOT wait!

Sunday we went to church. cleaned the house. and made a yummy dinner and i delivered it to my friend Brandi who had the most beautiful baby girl, did i mention this is her 10Th baby? she is a amazing momma and i hope they liked the dinner, John BBQ'd ribs that were so yummy and i made beans and salad, Liz made them cupcakes that i wanted to eat the whole tray of but i didn't...
did you have a good weekend?
do anything exciting?
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  1. Seriously, I about died laughing at Lily hollering at her toys...that is hysterical!!
    Love you my friend!