Tuesday, February 23, 2010


SO you all know i am on a diet right? a diet competition i should say where the winning team gets cold hard cash $1000 to be exact so my partner Jen and i decided to be team mates and take on all this weight loss issue head on, well honestly we have no way of winning. i mean i guess if the 2 men's teams were to lets say gain the next few week, or the moon and the stars aligned correctly and i probably would have to stand on my head and eat orange peels or something but you kwim. but doing this challenge has really made me decide something about myself. i am sick and tired of excuses, excuses are keeping me fat and the only thing that is going to work is working hard and losing weight.

The last week i had a HORRIBLE week i killed myself in the gym, drank WAY too little , ate way too few calories and lost like hardly no weight. it backfired, as my plans usually do. SO this week i had to get some help from my team mate, friends and my hubby and get my head in the game. because if this was any other time last week would have been the week i gave up with some dumb excuse, but i didn't.

what are some of my favorite excuses that i have heard:

  • its that time of the month- OK we are all women we have to deal with it EVERY month, get over it. God made us this way for a reason, and it wasn't to complain about being bloated, irritable and craving chocolate lol

  • maybe you are gaining muscle and that's why you aren't losing- this one is my favorite one, i truly believe this is fat peoples excuse to not lose. UMMM i have enough fat that i would would have to be gaining SO much muscle that i started bulging like the Hulk before i think the muscle would hinder my weight loss

  • i am too fat to get in the gym- um don't us fat girls need to be in the gym more than anyone? i mean really when i see a big girl like me at the gym i think HOLLA that girl is going to improve her health so much more. BELIEVE me if I of all people could pick up working out and being active after all this time anyone can no doubt

  • i cant live without _____ (insert your favorite food) i am sure you can, i have said SEVERAL times i am not good at moderation, honestly i really suck at it if i go to a donut shop i may be able to eat just one donut but i will obsess about donuts until tomorrow when i will go get another one

  • x, y, and z happened and i gained weight- i think life circumstances do happen and sometimes we use food as a comfort but at some point we have got to get a grip on it.

When our son Matthew died at 10 weeks old i was in such a odd place in my life i slowly started putting weight back on. i had lost 150 pounds previous to birth of my boys by having gastric bypass i had the surgery in 2000 found out i was pregnant 9 months after surgery had David, when he was 6 months old found out i was having twins and when the twins were born then to lose Matthew at 10 weeks old rocked my 23 year old life. i gained 30 pounds that year that followed. i had slowly gained almost another 30 in the last 5 years but i have got to stop with the excuses, yes my son died it sucked it still sucks but it is not a excuse for the weight.

i am writing this more for myself i want to look back on this a week/ month/ year from now and know that i stopped making excuses that i really made strides at getting healthy, even if i never make it to be a size 12 or i never make my goal weight that i really stopped making excuses and just worked hard and reached goals that i set for myself to feel better, and be a better mom for my kids. The competition is over in 4 weeks, at that point i will still be so far from the finish line but i hope i have made a good dent in the destination, even if i have 100 pounds to lose and it takes 100 weeks!!!!!! i am tired of my excuses, they are keeping me fat........

****disclaimer i know sometimes health issues arise that truly do not allow you to lose weight i am not arguing that i believe you, this is solely what i feel for ME!!!!


  1. I can soooo relate, Raquel. I have usually given up around weeks 3-6 in the past, but I'm just at a point that I've finally realized - it doesn't matter what I say, I am overweight. No excuse is going to change that. I have to decide which is more important to me: medicating myself with food or living a healthy life. And well, finally at age 35 and with the Lord's help, health wins out. We're in this together, friend. I love you!

  2. Amen! For me, it's always when I'm tired. I give in when I'm tired. I also just read an article about how women who starve themselves (even fasting for a day like for Ramadan) can really mess up their growing baby. So, that was my excuse this week...to eat rice krispy treats and chips...like HELLO, that is SO not what they meant! Anyway, I love what you said here. We make a lot of excuses for ourselves and it just has to end. It is deceptive to ourselves and to God, right? We know what we need to do. :) LOVE AND RESPECT YOU IMMENSELY!!!

  3. What a great post. I am the queen of excuses for many areas of my life. By the way, you rocked at spin, you blew me out of the water! You are doing awesome!!!