Monday, February 22, 2010

Lilly 5 months old

wow i know i say this every month but i cant believe how big you are getting Ms. Lilly. you are such a sweet girl, i love being your mom. here's what you are up to this month:

  • sleeping a solid 12 hours at night
  • still a great napper
  • wearing 9 month clothing and a few 12 month things but mostly 9
  • giggling a lot (my favorite)
  • finally holding on to a toy or two
  • drooling like crazy but no teeth
  • still no interest in eating food
  • is really taken with her daddy lately
  • likes her sister pretty well and not sure what to think of the boys especially Jake HA!
  • scares/ startles a little easier and cries if a unknown situation
  • still likes to be swaddled for bed
  • has been sick several times this month =(
  • likes to lay down wide awake and look around for a bit before dosing off
  • loves mommy
  • likes to keep her mouth open all the time and has the biggest smile

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