Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The View

Recently i was contacted my mom central which i am a member of, regarding the View, well you all know i am huge fan of. i mean i took a road trip to Vegas to watch a taping of the show with 3 friends. When i saw this opportunity i knew i would be the perfect candidate to be a brand ambassador for The View. I am so excited i was chosen!!!
i have been watching The View since it started, back when i was pregnant with my first child years ago, here i am now with 5 kids and still a faithful watcher of the show. The only difference now is i have a DVR and i watch all the shows late at night when all the family is asleep. i record it on both TVs so i can watch it in the living room or in my bed.
My favorite thing about the show is the Hot Topics i mean to have 4 (sometimes 5) women sitting around a table discussing current events and how they effect all of us as women, moms, wives, a nation etc is very interesting to say the least. Covering all topics from fashion, to health care is just really great. My favorite host is Elisabeth she has young kids, and we share a lot of the same opinions. Sherri is so funny too i love when she imitates her son. Did you all watch today with Victoria Beckham as the co-host, uh did you see those red shoes she wore?, LOVE them. anyways i could ramble on and on.
Mom Central is a great place to check out all things related to being a mommy you will want to check them out. You can also go to The View main page of mom central and sign up to win a trip for two to NY to see a live taping of The View i signed up i hope i win!!!! hope you look forward to my postings for the next few weeks regarding the View i cant wait to tell you more!!! Feel free to click on the button in my sidebar that will take to you the site
*“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.”
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