Saturday, January 2, 2010

My 2010 goals

2010 goals

this year i tried to be more realistic with things i can actually do! i decided to break things up into categories and i did 3 goals for each category


  1. read the word more ( i have got so lazy about this)
  2. make a prayer journal- keep it updated
  3. memorize a minimum of 6 verses

Marriage: (4 here)

  1. support Johnnie's interest and encourage him to pursue them
  2. support each other in weight loss we need to do this for our family!!!
  3. date night every other month (have tried every month doesn't work for us having 5 kids we don't have that sort of babysitting or extra cash)
  4. go out of town together at least once


  1. start chore charts and allowance
  2. read with kids, less TV!!!
  3. have kid nights again (we used to do this we would play games, let them pick dinner watch movies etc and we have got out of the habit!)


  1. more fun (stop saying it and start scheduling it!!)
  2. get healthy (with food and activities!)
  3. less yelling (i am so a yeller i need to work on this)


  1. make time for more fun with friends
  2. attend MNO's and meet new moms
  3. don't feel guilty about making time for my friends!!!


  1. learn to bake bread (i think this is my 3rd year this is on this list!)
  2. learn to take better pictures and actually start developing and organizing them
  3. learn to sew (Liz may have to teach me lol)


  1. lose 60 pounds i mean really 5 pounds a month i can totally do that i hope!
  2. drink water
  3. start walking

Financial: this has got to be a major thing this year, we can not continue the financial road we are on

  1. sit down and write out a budget with all bills and figure out a grocery budget that works
  2. start a Christmas club account
  3. start saving something!!!

Home keeping:

  1. purge purge purge what we don't need!
  2. go through household list monthly and update (list coming it is long!!!) it will also provide lots of blog material HA!
  3. deep clean house once a week


  1. schedule hair cut at least 4 times, color hair regularly
  2. keeps hands and feet nice and manicured
  3. do hair and make up and actually get dressed when going out somewhere (school doesn't count! HA!)

did you set goals? i cant wait to hear what they are

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  1. Great goals Raquel, I love how specific they are!

  2. Ooohh...I love goals! I forgot to make any!?!?! I'm gonna have to do that! I miss you...wish I were there, I would love to sew and bake bread with you! Love ya my friend!

  3. i love how you broke down your goals friend, i think iam going to copy you... thanks for the ideas

  4. Wow! You've listed some very specific goals- best wishes as you strive to accomplish them (no easy feat with 5 children!). I've got 4, and so I can really relate to many of the things you wrote about. Like you, I'm discovering that it's vital to put in time and effort for just ME in order to take care of everyone else! Good luck! :)