Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free To a Skinny home

so today i am cleaning out the pantry

the adults in this house are going on a DIET! i hate the word but i got to deal with it, come Friday we will be on our way to losing some weight
more details later but for now i need to get rid of all the processed, boxed, sugary, bad and yummy tasting food. i am supposed to trade it out for you know whole grains and veggies, if i make it i will blog about it.

so if anyone out there who i know in real life wants it let me know and you can come get it.
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  1. ROFL!!! Good for you! I Looooove cleaning out the pantry--LOVE it! You will crack up at my post tonight. Ramen. Enough said.

  2. You should sonate it to a food pantry. I am sure some area churches have one.

  3. wow what a sight !! but love it !! that is so cool you clean out all the good :) i mean bad stuff lol us too over here on the losing weight ! Good luck with it !! and if you have any lite recipes i would love to see em :)