Friday, January 1, 2010

Fun Times

Lilly and her friends were having fun too

it was a low key new years eve. we hung out with Josh and Liz and the kids, we had a fun time. the kids i think were more wide awake then us adults.

today was a great day. slept in. my mom took the 2 little boys so we went and did some returns (stores were dead) and had a early dinner with the 2 big kids and Lilly it was fun. we talked about new years goals at dinner and even the kids had some which was fun to hear. came home right when the little ones got home and cleaned and organized my room. what a great start to the year. tomorrow i will be listing my goals a day late hey i am still writing them out, i spent a hour just writing out projects i want to do around the house!!!

Happy 2010 i am praying this is the best year yet!!!

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