Monday, December 28, 2009

Last of the Christmas celebrating

do you hate these collages? i thought they were easier than posting a million pictures but they kind of bug me lol. oh well last holiday update.
  • the day after Christmas we had Johns extended family over for a little Christmas celebration.
  • i love love love John's family, his grandma is one of my favorite people ever.
  • it was fun having everyone over, and the weather was great all the kids played outside the whole time except to open gifts.
  • Johns Nana and pa made the kids the cutest fleece blankets, they are so warm and a great size!
  • Jake learned how to ride his scooter it is so cute, i love that boy he wore his monkey jammies all day
  • the picture of all the people is Johns grandparents and there 4 kids
  • as soon as everyone was out the door i was ready to take down all the Christmas stuff.
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