Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The door finally

so this is our door in our kitchen it goes out to the backyard.
it was OK i mean i never really paid attention to it before. but then one day i looked at it and thought "wow that is a ugly door"

i used this really cool stuff and "sanded" it down, my husband insisted because i would just have painted over it. have i ever mentioned i hate painting

so i had this idea to paint the door with magnetic paint (our appliances are stainless so no magnets for them) then top it with chalkboard paint and let Jake put his leap frog magnetic letter up there. great idea eh???

well... after like 8 coats of magnetic primer nothing stuck to it. out of desperation i dropped the magnetic and it hit the dishwasher.... and stuck! what the heck i thought these babies were stainless (we bought it on craigslist) so i took back the $21 quart of paint (you know if something doesn't work you can return it to Lowes no questions asked??) and started with the chalkboard paint..........
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