Saturday, January 23, 2010


so i had to put away my favorite fork because i am on a diet. actually Me and John are both on a diet, it was necessary believe me. i know people say its not a diet its a lifestyle, yes those are all thin people who don't eat the junk i have been eating. because at this point it is a diet for us, one i hope we can learn to live with and change for good but for now DIET is fitting...
i know i mentioned it before but we are in biggest loser challenge. this week was week two and i lost 3 pounds (first week i lost 11.2) i think that was OK BUT i have been walking SO much! i walked 30 miles from one weigh in to the next and my hubby who has walked like way less than that lost like triple the amount.... oh well i am SO excited for Johnnie, he is doing amazing. he wont let me tell anyone how much he has lost because he wants to be one of the winners of the money at the end, i on the other hand think my partner and myself ( my friend Jen) don't have much of a chance especially against several teams with men on them but i am giving it my best effort to lose 30-40 in the 10 weeks.

so i started walking, its free, i can do it with the kids and i actually really like it. there is a nice area on our side of town that i can walk and if you walk the whole thing it is 4 miles, it is a pretty decent walk for this overweight sahm and i feel safe because there is lots of people and by a busy road oh and it has a great view i will take some pictures soon.... so here is a question what is your favorite music to workout too? i got some recommendations from a friend and i downloaded several but i still have like $20 in credit to itunes so i want more.

we have switched our eating around completely and this is a typical meal now. instead of having pizza, chips or Pepsi's. we are having salads, chicken, and water (oh i still have diet Dr.pepper) so far so good. i hope at some point i will be able to have some pizza, or a donut or something but right now i am REALLY bad at moderation so i am cutting them out completely. i am not a have a donut once a week and i am satisfied kind of girl, i want a donut every day for breakfast then one later kwim?
what is your favorite healthy snack or meal?
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  1. Found you a few weeks back and your meal looks very similar to what I've been eating since January 1st.

    I had to cut everything out! Meat, milk, now I am a beans, veggie, fruit gal. And LOVING IT! Don't you feel AMAZING with the exercise and the diet? It's entering into care of our bodies the way God intended for His Creation to work...the temple and tool that it is.

    Keep that gazelle intense focus and how fun that your husband has joined you!


  2. That salad looks wonderful! I just ate a taco salad for lunch!!! It is my favorite and I could eat it every day for lunch!

  3. GOOD FOR YOU, girlfriend!

    I hate how differently men and women lose weight. Mike decided to lose some weight and it happened like nuthin'. He started eating 1/2 sandwiches at lunch instead of a full sandwich and stopped eating ice cream after dinner and voila. 10 lbs gone in no time.

    (jerk) I mean YEA FOR HIM!!! ;)

  4. That salad looks great.
    I thought I was good at moderation but it's only 2 days into this week and I've eaten way too much of what I'm not suppose to be eating. I'm just going to have to get rid of all the snacks that I have in my fridge and pantry. It's just to tempting!!
    congrats on your weight loss.

  5. Awesome Raquel! That salad looks BOMB!

  6. Mmmmm, that looks yummy! You are an amazing cook. I'm so proud of you sticking to a new way of eating and its not just you its the whole family involved, thats great, makes it easier I think.

  7. My favorite healthy snack is vanilla or plain yogurt mixed with a cut up green apple. It really helps my sweet tooth.