Wednesday, January 27, 2010


so all who know me know i am not a seamstress, i wish i was but there are some things i am not good at shocking i know.
so there is a really cool fabric store by my house which the fabric is so inexpensive and i found this cool black and white fabric because i didn't want to go with toile like my curtains and i don't mind things that are not matchy matchy....
so i measured the window, then started to cut but because i cant cut straight...i blame it on being left handed and ehemmmm not very hand eye coordinated.... so i decided to just rip the fabric. then i took some fabric glue (because the aforementioned non seamstress abilities) and glued it up (the nester would be proud ) until it looked right

looks right to me.......

there is that fork again trying to sneak back in my life, get away fork i am on a DIE-t...
so i took a cheap target rod and hung it up, not bad if you asked me..

next post you will see the whole door finsihed =)
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