Tuesday, August 11, 2009

so it may mean....

my regular posting will be once a week because that is all i can seem to get out lately. i am not sure why i haven't been too busy just when i think of blogging i think "oh i will do it tonight" then i forget or get sidetracked. so of course i will ramble so i can catch up

  • tomorrow i will be doing a i don't post. i think these are fun and i want to do a pregnancy one. yay!
  • i turned 30 last week. i can not believe it, my Bday was a odd day. I told John i wanted no presents i just want to go get a pedicure, i will probably do that this week. getting "older" and being preggo exhausts me so much so a low key Bday was good actually.
  • i did get some fun gifts from friends (have i ever mentioned gifts are my love language? i LOVE to give and get presents) i got some cash in the mail, 3 GC's to target, and borders. my mom got me a quilt but it is kind of interesting pattern and actually too small for my bed.
  • i cant believe school starts in less than 2 weeks i have lots to do!!! We decided to not homeschool this year and send the kids back to there school. it was a HARD decision and i am saving that post for back to school day so stay tuned. We are excited as are they so that is good but i have lots to do since i haven't bought anything but school supplies so far.
  • this weekend is my baby shower i cant wait!!! i am so excited to hand out with my friends and family and eat yummy food and play games!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE baby showers they are my favorite kind of party, and a girl one is going to be so fun!!! i will for sure blog about this event cause my friends have been hard at work planning!
  • my doctor called yesterday regarding my anemia and seeing a new hematologist and casually mentioned most moms with gestational diabetes deliver early and she could deliver me around 36 weeks!!! UHHHH that is 3 weeks away i am NOT ready for that yet. i have nothing ready for Lily to be here. i pray i can go to 39 weeks like originally planned.
  • i am not as nervous about my c-section as i was last time but i do have some apprehension. Surgery is scary no matter what so i am sure it is normal. and everything will be fine God is going to protect Lily and I.

so i do plan to post at least 2-3 more times this week so stay tuned.

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