Wednesday, August 5, 2009


my last week was very busy. We had the boys birthday, i helped host a baby shower for my best friend here at my home, and we went on a little vacation to the beach.

101_3765 fun party for the boys!

101_3791 My best friend Lindsey isn't she cute?! only has like 5-6 weeks until she is due she is tiny!


John's parents rented a trailer and then took there trailer to the beach and John's sister and her family and our family went and enjoyed some fun times in GREAT weather!!!

101_3840 while at the beach we went for a trolley ride the kids had fun, Jake looks like such a big boy here!

101_3850 we fed animals at a farm type thing

101_3864 after feeding animals everyone sat and had some ice cream.

101_3873 Liz LOVES the ocean, she could be a fish. she lvoes to boogie board!

101_3898 digging in the sand!

101_3896 i love Jakey's sandy feet!

101_3904 wore out on the way home!

101_3905 Liz crashed water wears you out for sure.

101_3906 2 days of not so good napping.


  1. WOW - looks like you all had a great time.

  2. Hi Raquel-
    I feel bad for my negative c-section post- really, the surgery part has gone excellent for me 4 times. My doctor gave me the okay for a 5th. c-section and even a 6th. if I could talk my husband into it.

    Congratulations on getting ready to have a 4th. c-section- 5th. little one, right? Exciting!