Thursday, August 20, 2009


this past weekend my friends threw me a GREAT baby shower! My very great friend Tara organized and planned it all and it was such a fun time!

My friend Lynette made the prettiest cupcakes and they were SO yummy! her frosting is rockin! it really is SO good, what i would give to have one right now...


101_3948 101_3947

I got some of the most fabulous gifts! Let me tell you all after having 4 boys in a row a shower full of pink was so welcomed!


my best friend Lindsey made me some of the sweetest gifts! this hat is my favorite, I can not wait to put it on Lilly!





she made me the cutest bows and these onesies and socks that have matching bows, LOVE!!!!




101_4036and here is a sneak peak of my bedding!!!! my friend Tara (same one who threw the shower) is making all my bedding and it is GORGEOUS!!!!! Tara is seriously one of the most talented people i have ever met! I love the colors they are so me! stay tuned for the next week or so where i will do a whole baby nursery tour once i have all the furniture put together and bedding and curtains up.

here are a few final pictures from the fun day.


These are me and 5 of my friends who are preggo all at the same time! i have a few other friends who are pregnant, it is baby season in our town!!! my friend Liz was laughing so she is looking down at the floor, the other picture i have she has her eyes closed so sorry Liz!!!


Liz and I before we left for the shower. I love having a girl!







all my friends who were able to come! i was missing a few of my friends that day everyone was out of town


  1. First of all, those cupcakes are AMAZING!!! (any chance of snagging the frosting recipe?)

    Second, I'm SO glad you had a shower. A friend is trying to throw me a "sprinkle" and I felt weird b/c it's #3, but there is actually plenty of stuff that I need. And if you're having one, I feel MUCH better.

  2. Oh,no I ruined the picture! Sorry!

  3. You had quite a turn out. It looks like a great shower. Sad I missed. The bedding is going to be beautiful!!!

  4. I LOVE the sneak peak of your bedding!! It is so beautiful and unique and colorful and completely you. JEALOUS I didn't think of it first! LOL! It's going to be gorgeous!

  5. It was such a fun day. I miss you Raquel and can't wait to see you soon with the rest of the bedding. I just got the final fabric I've been waiting for! Pink zebra. To die for! Love ya girl(s)! Lilly, I love you already you little pumpkin pie of happiness!