Friday, August 21, 2009

Show us your life....

baby showers! Kelly has this cool weekly feature that she does where you get to show different aspects of your home and life. I am a faithful reader but i never have participated so today is the day! the funny thing is yesterday i just posted about my baby shower my friends threw for me last weekend! I know in a lot of areas you only throw showers for the first baby but in my family, and with our friends we want to bless the family for every blessing that God has given them. i have been to several types of showers and i love some of the themes Kelly showed today with the different foods i might need to do one of those for the next shower i throw. Here is a little info on some past showers i have helped throw.


This is my good friend Rossie, i threw her a shower for her 5th baby Sophie (and she is expecting her 6th baby!!!) this was at my old house. I miss Rossie her family moved to Montana and i am so bummed she wasn't here for my shower for the girl she was hoping i would have now forever!!!


this next shower was for my friend Dani i was only in charged of the decorating and it was SO fun! She was having her second baby a girl!!! So of course it was fun to decorate (she is preggo with baby # 3 now)



100_4526 100_4529 100_4530

I kept things simple with fresh flowers and cute pink ribbon, balloons etc,  and then i made these centerpieces that i LOVED! i did chocolate dipped pretzel rods with pink sugars and candies and they were held in place with pastel m&m's.

101_3791  the next shower was for my best friend Lindsey. It was just 3 weeks ago at my house, here is Lindsey with the most delicious cake ever!!!



101_3780 101_3781101_3782 

we decorated in turquoise and bright green and we served lots of yummy food!



I love baby showers they are my favorite type of party and i love helping out! I cant wait until the next one i help throw i wonder who it will be for....

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