Friday, August 21, 2009

Menu Planning 101- 15 meals

The Happy Housewife is at it again, she is hosting a menu planning 101 series that i am excited for! i am usually really good at planning meals and sticking to my menus but lately (like this whole pregnancy) i have been a big slacker, we have been just winging it, or eating out way too much! So you know i was jumping in with this challenge. The first week was to come up with 15 meals your family likes. sounds easy enough right? yup it should be. So here are the 15 meals my family loves:

  1. burritos ( we eat burritos all the time, we eat them so often we have one named for each of the kids!)
  2. BBQ tri-tip
  3. cheesy chicken casserole
  4. breakfast (my kids love breakfast for dinner!)
  5. tacos (ground beef, shredded beef, or steak)
  6. Chile Colorado
  7. tostada's
  8. Mexican lasagna
  9. albondigas (my favorite soup!!!)
  10. Basque soup with beans
  11. enchiladas (cheese, chicken, or beef)
  12. fried rice with chicken
  13. chili dogs
  14. fajitas- chicken or beef
  15. homemade pizza

as you can see we have lots of Mexican food, since i am Mexican i am sure that is why lol.... I wasn't sure if we were supposed to do step 2 so i stuck with it this way! so make sure to go here to check out all the participants!


  1. Just wondering - what's in albondigas?? Great list of meals!

  2. Great list! We love Mexican food too! The cheesy chicken casserole sounds delicious!

  3. Yum...yum and yum!! I have been trying to menu plan for a month at a time, since it takes a year to get anywhere here! I'm so sad I missed your shower...I am working on you diaper bag though, it should hopefully be in the mail next week! aren't buying is a gift!
    Love ya!