Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School


school started on Monday and the kids were so excited to go back. I know i had mentioned we were going to homeschool this year but God changed some things around and although it was a hard decision we decided it would be the best thing for this year to send the kids back, remember you gotta to do what works for your family and this year it was going back to school.

here are the kids on the first day of school


Johnathan ready for the first grade!


David my big 2nd grader!!!



and Liz my 6th grader! I can not believe we have a middle schooler INSANE!


aren't these shoes great?! love them!!!


I thought Jake was going to have a hard time because he has been OBSESSED with Liz this summer but so far so good! he is loving having all the attention for a few hours a day. and i think it is perfect timing since Lilly will be making her grand entrance in a few weeks.


  1. hello Raquel ! I am a new follower to your blog :) Today i was googling my blog for some fonts and i came across yours and thought we have some things in common so My name is connie and our blog names our similar so i had to follow you !! :) cant wait to go over your blog!! Hope your having a wonderful day and stop by sometime...

  2. The kids all look so cute for their first day. I can't believe it is almost time for you to deliver your baby. It seems like yesterday you announced you were pregnant.

    I loved the pics of your shower.