Friday, July 24, 2009



my 2 year old did that yesterday while i cleaned the kitchen! those empty spot are the spaces where i could not find or get back on! ugh... it hurts my fingers to type like this, i did order a new keyboard on eBay hopefully it wont be long.

here is some Friday variety about our week:

  • the boys are loving VBS me notsomuch. it is hot and i hate to leave my house when it is hot. but i do it for the peace and quiet i mean cause i love my boys
  • my bedroom is having carpet installed today, i am finally going to have a real bedroom!!!
  • Johnnie and i have been sleeping in the living room because our "bedroom" which is a converted  garage is REALLY hot! we had a AC vent installed in there but it was formerly the garage and not insulated well. i miss my real bed!
  • yesterday i hired my nephew to do some work. he finished painting our bedroom, all the edges and corners. cleaned out all of the trash in that room (saw dust, tools, trash, swept the floors etc) and then painted Liz's bathroom for $60! took the stress off John, made him some summer cash and made me SOOO happy that bathroom is almost done (just to decorate now!)
  • John is making our bed for our room so hopefully we will get that done this weekend so i can start decorating and we can sleep in there!
  • i have tried to buy as little clothes as possible this pregnancy and  i have purchased 2 shorts and 3 fitted t-shirts. i think when lily is born i will burn the clothes! i  would love to buy one new thing maybe to wear to my baby shower or the 100 others i am getting ready to attend but i am so cheap. wit probably 8-9 weeks left it seems wasteful to me....
  • i tested positive for gestational diabetes and now i am being tortured by this crazy diet of counting carbs an no sugar and testing my blood 4 times a day
  • this weekend is the championship swim meet my kids are excited. i am excited to get a month off swim!
  • i also get to go to a baby shower this weekend for a friend i love baby showers!
  • it is going to be 105 tomorrow UGH
  • that's it

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