Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I don't

Jenna  started this new fun thing last week and i wanted to do it and kept forgetting. So when i saw it this morning i figured i would just do it now before mommy brain took over. i will just do genereal this week but i want to theme mine, ext weeek i will do pregnancy.

i dont wednesday

  • i don't like folding laundry, or putting away. but i love sorting and washing
  • i don't like fake food (sugar free, diet, fat free etc) they all have funny taste to me.
  • i don't require much sleep 5 hours is perfect to me
  • i don't stress out about school for my kids. My family used to stress me out when i was young i refuse to do it, if they are trying there best it is good enough for me you don't have to be a straight A student
  • i don't like to go out everyday. with 4 kids and being pregnant i try to do all my errands in one swoop plus have you seen the price of diesel!
  • i don't like to swim, i mean i like the swimming but to get ready, then swim with the kids hanging on me, then to have to shower and get redressed after seems more of a hassle.
  • i don't like the heat, maybe that is why i don't like to swim HA! here it is over a 100 most of the summer  and i am  very content staying indoors
  • i don't like to camp either. i used to but with 4 kids and the bathroom situation at campgrounds YUCK!
  • i don't like surprises at ALLLLL my nightmare is for someone to throw me a surprise party. i like to  be prepared for things (gifts are not included in that statement i LOVE presents)
  • i don't like Johnnie to clean (help occasionally yes) but to actually have him clean seems so weird to me...


  1. I found your blog from Jenna's place!

    I wish I didn't require much sleep, can I transform into you for finals time?!?

    I hate laundry, if I could pay someone to do laundry and clean my house I would...I guess that will come after I graduate and get a job. :)

    I don't like the heat either! I am stuck with it since I live in good.

    Well it was nice learning a little bit about you. :)

  2. I like your idea of having themes for you "I don't" posts! I wish I could survive on 5hours of sleep, but I need at least 8!

  3. How different are we!?! I LOVE it when my hubby cleans. It doesn't bother me a bit. (different cultures, I suppose?)