Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Retreat

when i said i was going on a retreat i should have said i would need a retreat after the retreat. although lots of fun there wasn't so much resting lol. there was 11 women in one house and we had lots of laughs and plenty of conversations.

We were able to get our entire mops year planned in one day although we started at 9 am and did not finish until 9:30 at night! this is going to be a fabulous year at our mops group!

Monday my boys were wanting to go to VBS at our church so i went ahead and dragged myself to the church and signed them up, i am glad i did hey have had a great time.

Monday was also David's 7th birthday. i remember the day David was born so vividly it was such a scary day, my placenta abrupted and a few more minutes and he would not have made it and i wasn't looking too hot either. thank God for a awesome thinking doctor and a emergency c-section and we were both alright, that was my longest hospital stay i had to have 2 blood transfusions all is well now and David is a awesome kid. he is my most emotional child he will always let you know how he feels for the most part, and he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Our tradition is to let the kids pick where we are going to dinner on there birthday. David picked this new ice cream place that serves food too. i had the BEST burger ever, John didn't care for it his burger was WAY undercooked GAG but the kids liked it. and David had a fun time. Next week is Johnathan's birthday and then we are having a party for both of them next Thursday they cant wait.

that's it for now.....

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