Friday, June 5, 2009

Beautiful weather!

oh my gosh if you don't live in California this is the week you are missing out it is gorgeous here right now! it is very cool, especially since the months of May-September i am locked in my house in fear that i will melt because of the heat. well this week we even had rain!

John is in a BBQ competition this weekend (he is so excited it is really cute) it is his first one ever so the kids and i went down to the park where it is at and hung out for a couple of hours. the kids ran off some energy and i enjoyed the cool evening. i totally forgot a camera too bummer! the set up was like a mini version of ones we have watched on TV and it was funny to see all these grown adults so excited over meat. John's hopes are not to high on winning (there are like some professionals from out of town there who like travel to compete) but i am sure he will love the experience.

today Jake had his 2 year old check up and the kiddo is a tank! he weighs 36 pounds and is 35 inches tall. my little chubby boy. the doctor says his size is perfect so i am not worried about it he is a good size kid, very solid!

that is it around here the first week of summer vacation is over and it went ok. i got a few organizing projects done that i will post about ASAP!


  1. Good luck John, sounds fun and yummy!

  2. A BBQ contest? How fun is that. What is he cooking????