Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Two years ago our baby boy Jake was born

Jake hospital 013

i was so scared to have a baby after Matthew passed away but with the birth of Jake i felt my heart start to heal even more than i knew it ever could. I always joke Jake is my favorite, i don't mean he is my favorite in the way that i love him anymore than my other kids. But Jake was like a promise from the Lord to me that we would make it through everything has happened, that God has a definite plan for our family and although there is very tough times he is always there with a precious gift to make the journey a little easier. I am so thankful for this son that we had because he has brought us closer, he has brought healing to our hearts, and he has brought a love to our kids that i cant explain. he is cute and funny and the big kids really do love him!!! i tell John often i cant believe how quick the time goes by why cant they stay little for a while longer.


my son is such a boy. rough and always ready for a mess but tonight before i laid him down for bed we were sitting on his floor and i gave him kisses and he stood there looking at me and rubbed my face forever, he kept kissing me over and rubbing my cheeks it was like he knew he is getting bigger and we were both treasuring that time of him being a baby for a while longer, then he pulled my hair.... hard and the moment was over. but i will treasure it forever!!

Happy Birthday Jakey i hope and pray that God will keep you safe for many many many many more years, that you will be a strong and healthy boy that loves Jesus more than anything else in life and that you serve him forever!



  1. awwww, Happy Birthday to Jake!!

  2. Have and extra special birthday Jake!

  3. happy late birthay to your cute little man!