Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my life in pictures

well at least my life in the last couple of weeks since i had no computer.

The family is literally in the pool like everyday now. The water feels nice and warm but not hot yet.  Jake loves the water i am glad that he likes it, but i kind of like that he was afraid of it because he did not like to go near the pool not now he runs towards the pool. more than the pool he really loves the hose.


We had our last MOPS meeting last week. It was a good meeting and alot of the ladies shared what our group has meant to them which is always great to hear. I am excited for next year my friend Dani is co-coordinating with me so extra hands are almost always good. our leadership is actually growing from 8 of us, to 12 which should be fabulous!


Last week were the boys last field trips. John went on Thursday with Johnathan to a train field trip and i went on Friday with David to a zoo.



And as I mentioned in my last post Liz had a belated birthday party. she wanted to wait until it warmed up to have a pool party so we did it this past Friday and she had a great time.


So that is it about for now. i can not post our birth stories yet because i cant find the cd to my printer and i don't have the scanner programmed on this computer. and i want to be sure to have baby pictures of all the kids. anywho maybe i can find it tomorrow!

oh and............... I hope to have pictures of Liz's bathroom in the next few days because i have been working on it for a bit.


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