Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hello is this Mic on?

i think i say this with some confidence... that my computer seems to be up and running just fine now, hopefully for good but i wont be placing any bets on that anytime soon. but so far so good. i have had it since Friday but figured i would wait to post in case it decided to die again.
i have lots to share. someone (but i cant remember who) challenged me to post all my birth stories. something i have been wanting to do before i forget since my first born is 11 now. so maybe i will start with that tonight.
this weekend was fun Liz had a belated party and had about 15 of her friends over for swimming and food. she had a great time! the rest of the weekend was pretty low key, I met with my friend Dani and planned for our upcoming MOPS retreat, John worked on our room and we went to church. last night i play a card game called May I with some friends it was so fun, i love games! John and the kids swam. that is about it.
Our best friends Josh and Liz found out they are having twin boys! they had no idea so that was a fun call to get, i thought she was pulling my leg since she had already had a ultrasound before lol. Congrats Josh and Liz! maybe now you will start a blog Liz =)

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